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The Manatee Viewing Center Webcam East, which sits high above the center's gardens and boardwalks, will be operational through the end of the center's open season on April 15.

The chatroom displays a tipper leaderboard, and the top tipper gets a prize.

Another threat noted by Bartlett comes from internet "trolls" who try to identify camgirls and ruin their lives just for the fun of it.

He describes one nightmare incident, in which one camgirl, Sarah, was asked to post naked photos of herself on 4chan: one with her first name written somewhere on her body, and another holding a bottle of any medication she was taking.

Thus, in the future, more advertisements for scotch may be displayed to the user.'While this patent was granted in 2015, Facebook also filed patents for similar technology last month.

One, called 'Augmenting text messages with emotion information', would analyse users' emotions by their typing patterns, and change the message depending on their mood.

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For example, if the user appeared to be happy, the message would add more emoji and increase the font size.

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