Uniform dating nurses

I think most of us will happily stick with the Halloween version of things and leave the professional nursing attire for the workplace.

I have to concede, I’ve received some of the worst advice on dating ever from a friend who wears a uniform.

They’re known only for inspiring the words, “Hey honey, don’t you want to change into something more comfortable?

” I can attest to the feeling of not wanting to get too close to the quasi bio-hazmat suit that likely has all sorts of infectious ooze on it.

Whatever the reason, a person in uniform is a big turn on to a lot of people.

Everyone has a different strategy on how to go about their pursuit of love.

I couldn’t know exactly why some people love those whose profession supplies and maintains a dress code.

It could be related to one’s desire to be around someone in authority. Or maybe it’s the desire to be around someone who’s dressed up in a nice predictable manner.

So if you are a man or woman in the uniformed services, put yourself on the site for free and make yourself available to those who would love to date you.

And if you are a non-uniformed person looking for a date in uniform you can also join Uniform Dating for free and see who you fancy.

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The Halloween version includes short skirts, open midriffs, cute hats, garters, and heels.

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