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One drawback to the Conbrov is that it can only store up to 150 minutes of footage at a time, which is why the voice/motion activation is important.

Because of their ubiquity, phone chargers are among the most logical device to conceal secret cameras—there are a few similar options out there, but the Romhn is the top performer among charger cameras.

This app monitoring and double data backup push the UOKOO to the top of my list.

UOKOO’s app receives motion detection alerts as the action unfolds, allows you to check in whenever you want via livestream, and gives you the option to remotely speak to whoever’s in the monitored room using the two-way microphone.

It’s simple and straightforward, but powerful and reliable in a way that many similar cameras aren’t.

At only 2.2 inches, it can be concealed within another object like an electronic device, cleverly hidden around the room, or even carried with you to covertly record on the go.

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