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Early on, it looked like Jacqui and Kim might become major supporting characters, but their story was dropped, and they only made token appearances at the climax. The time spent on those side characters would have been better spent fleshing out the main trio of Tsugumi, Meme, and Anya, and the dilemma Tsugumi had in choosing one of them as her meister.There could have been some real drama here: Tsugumi struggling with her feelings for both girls and the meisters trying to rationalize their desire to beat the other with their love for each other.In fact, there was a bunch that happened in these last 2 episodes that I thought the show could have set up a lot better in prior episodes.For example, the Thompson sisters finally did something meaningful by driving Tsugumi to catch and bring back Anya, but was that really enough of a payoff after the show spent an entire episode on them? The show spent an entire episode bringing them together, only to split them apart a few episodes later, and now they’re on good terms again.It rarely had that quirky charm of the original series and was content just to be another generic friendship-is-magic show.

Though not without faults, this was a relatively strong finish to an inconsistent show So Shaula’s big plan was basically initiating a zombie apocalypse in Death City, where she gets to control the zombies.

Unfortunately, the action took a huge step down when things mattered most.

The main 3 fighting against Shaula was sluggish and boring; that’s the best they could do for showing 2 martial artists passing a human weapon around?

That’s a terrible waste of these characters on whom, by the way, I still don’t feel I have a great grasp. Despite a script that both was poorly paced and didn’t develop the characters sufficiently, the action was good enough to be its saving grace.

Tsugumi was generic shiny girl while Meme was generic forgetful girl and Anya was generic sheltered princess girl. That said, this is a show I couldn’t in good conscience recommend to anyone.

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Not to mention Kim being a witch like Shaula, which never came up as she stayed firmly in the background.

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