Dating violence in college

Many organizations use the terms partner violence, dating violence, or domestic violence.

The Center for Injury Prevention and Control, part of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), uses the term Intimate Partner Violence to encompass dating and domestic violence.

Her boyfriend, 32, had strangled her after an argument.

On Thanksgiving Day 2014, the body of Shannon Jones, 23, a senior engineering student at Cornell University was found in an apartment.

The Campus Sa VE Act requires institutions to differentiate between dating and domestic violence.

Both are violations of the University’s Sexual Harassment Policy and are included as Intimate Partner/Relationship Violence.

“Whether it’s an advocate, the courts, friends, a healthcare worker—as long as that trusted person responds in an appropriate way, that’s the determining factor.

A lot of survivors tell someone and are then blamed or shamed by that confidant, which shuts them down.” For ideas on how to communicate with someone experiencing abuse, consider reading Be A Better Advice Giver and Empowering Survivors, or scroll through this series of escaping violence articles.

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