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I have re headed a few tama rockstar kits for people and the 1 basswood,5 luan 1 basswood,sounds right to me, I remember the inner plies having that orangey color,outer plies being beige/cream looking,the kicks had an amazing amount of flex in them,especially considering the weight of the tom holder and toms,but once I got the pinstripes of of them they were killer sounding kicks,one person recorded one the kits,and it went to tape very well. At one time I believe the rockstars were selling so well that they had a premium line,and I think they may have added an outer ply of birch, and offered it in a stain/laquer. I got an old Tama Rockstar from a Dallas recording studio in March as a second kit to gig with since I wanted the 22 inch bass.

I've gigged with them once and they do sound loud and proud. The guitar players were upset because in that particular venue, my drums ruled and they felt they had to turn up their knobs.

Beyond those years, you can still determine approximate dates, but must use several clues to work it out.Take some better pics, please, they deserve to be shown off properly! I've got a 16" orphan in that color and have been trying to find a matching bass and tom(s) for several years now with no luck. I'm not much of a gear junkie so I don't know a whole lot about TAMA drums although I have flipped a couple of 80's Imperialstar kits and I do have a 6.5" King Beat. Now, what's the deal with the SERIAL #'s??? And here someone snagged a whole darn set of 'em. The pic above is straight off the CL ad where I found these. Dude, sorry man the 2 guys who I thought would know told me there not sure, I dont know if you got an answer from the other forums, so you might have to call TAMA on Monday..... I've always wanted to know the specs of my kit as it seems to be completely unheard to most people! I just researched this yesterday and found my particular rockstar model pictured below is called a Rockstar Custom. Outer layer is Basswood, 5 plies of Philippine Mahogany, inner shell is Basswood.It's a called a Custom because it has options of 8 painted and stained clear laquer finishes.

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