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John Blades: I feel warm, but about to get a lot warmer. [Giggling][Music]John Blades: I'm 49 years of age and I've been in a wheelchair for 16 years and a motorised wheelchair for 11 years.Kylie: Well, I've been a sex worker for about 15 years now and over time I started seeing more and more clients who presented with a disability. This is a shock to everybody who's diagnosed with the condition; probably less so for me, because I'd lived with my mother who'd had MS, for 25 years, so I'd learnt to live with it and I'd seen the way it developed in her. never needed walking sticks or a wheelchair or anything. And 1982 was really a very big year for another reason in that I was diagnosed with multiple sclerosis.Noch immer knutschte das junge Pärchen unter dem Vordach des Nachbarhauses. With each man Catherine marries, she changes her appearance to suit the mans personality. Alexandra is a smart cookie and has found a link between these unexplained mysterious deaths and the partners wives.„Ich bringe dir deinen Tee und etwas Kartoffelsuppe.“ Sie klappte die […] Kapitel 1 „Ist euch klar, dass es auf den Tag genau ein halbes Jahr her ist? In einem alten Landschloss könne er Urlaub machen und etwas über ein Tagebuch herausfinden. In dem Schloss erfährt er eine fast unglaubliche […] E-Novella von Mona Silver Das Buch „Wird es so enden? Noch bevor Architekt Darius Jasnov mit der Restaurierung beginnen kann, entdeckt Antonia Sommer seine übernatürlichen Fähigkeiten.Fasziniert von seinen goldenen Sternenaugen, folgt sie […] Hier kommt ein weiteres Kapitel auf meinem Thriller „So bitter die Schuld“, der am 20. Viel Spaß 🙂 Mit einem Lederschwamm wischte er schon zum zweiten Mal ein Sichtfenster in die beschlagene Windschutzscheibe.

Warning: There is material of an adult nature in the program John Blades: Hi Kylie. John Blades [addressing Kylie]: Kylie, as a way of introduction, would you please talk about the really very important work you do with people with disabilities? John Blades: Thinking about seeing you and your magic touch. 1982 was the biggest year of my life, when five major things happened: I graduated from civil engineering at Sydney University; I began working as a structural engineer—I worked for 16 years in the design of buildings and bridges; I started working in radio, on the community Sydney radio station 2MBS-FM—I currently co-present on 2MBS-FM once a fortnight.[Excerpt from phone discussion between John Blades and Doug Anderson: John Blades [talking on the phone]: Hi Doug, it's John Blades. John Blades: Good morning, Richard Fielding and myself, John Blades, return for another morning of sound adventures.]John Blades: Richard and I co-founded an experimental music group called 'The Loop Orchestra,' also in 1982, which has been described as 'Australia's most enduring experimental music group.' We've done over 40 live performances, had CDs released—of our own and compilations—in Australia and Europe, and at the end of last year, [a] collaborative compilation released on a label in Beijing. I've driven the wheelchair with my chin for seven years. So this is for your very kind write-ups about on 2MBS-FM, 102.5 Mhz.My favorite scene with Winger is the one in which she almost tells Nicol Williamson the truth about his bride.She stands and stares at him - she knows he's going to die, she knows he won't believe her - you can see every thought in her head until, regretfully, she leaves.

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