Brody jenner and jayde nicole still dating

The almost real life (I think everyone just came to accept it was slightly scripted) MTV series was great viewing.Either watching after a hard day's work or recording it so you could watch it for some perfect zone out viewing, it was awesome. I mean, a gang of friends going out, having fun, drinking too much and arguing, it's like every other group of friends."Everything was totally fine before you came here, so you need to go back to wherever it is that you came from," Nicole sniped at Cavallari.All three are signed on to shoot Season Six next year.Nicole, a Playboy playmate, threw her drink on Francis when she noticed him “unrelentingly” hitting on one of his exes.

At it's height the cast was highly in demand, and then the show's star slowly started to fade, with some jumping ship at just the right time (Lauren) or those that clung on for their almost over celebrity lives (forgive me Spiedi).

Jayde hinted at the split on Twitter: "Sometimes when you truly love someone you have to let them go. Just the same, Nicole reportedly "celebrated her breakup" with a 12-strong crew of girlfriends at Hyde Lounge in West Hollywood Friday night.

The following night, Jayde hosted a party at Chicago's Manor nightclub, where she was "telling everyone" about her breakup with Brody Jenner.

Jenner then followed outside the club and punched Francis in the face before getting tasered himself by an unknown person. No arrests were made, but officers are still investigating.

Nicole plans to press charges for the bruising she received. An hour later, he also updated his Twitter with some more posts.

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