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This past month, I tried Tinder, Coffee Meets Bagel, Bumble, and Skout and here are some of my thoughts.

TINDER | Dating, relationships, and everything in between; fast-paced Tinder allows you to only send and receive messages from people you’ve mutually swiped ‘yes’ to.

PROS: There are a lot more nice-looking, educated, have-their-sh*t-together men on Bumble than Tinder (percentage-wise).

People here seemed more thoughtful in their picture choices (less pictures of just landscape and shirtless selfies).

OKCUPID | Compatibility ratings great; anyone can message You will be asked a series of questions—your response and the response you’d want your ideal partner to pick. PROS: Even if you don’t end up dating, it might actually be possible to find friends here that are intellectually and background compatible with you. It was exhausting trying to filter through 100 messages. SKOUT | It’s overwhelming and there’s too much to sort through PROS: None.

Questions include the slightly random and odd, “Do you believe in dinosaurs? If you are really bored or lonely and looking to chat with anyone and it doesn’t matter where they live, you will like this app. I don’t have enough Facebook friends to use Hinge, which bases matches on mutual friends and uses timing to push dates: giving you 24 hours to send the first message and 14 days to chat before expiring.

I met a ton of tech guys who ranged in level of social skills who I wouldn’t have crossed paths with organically.

For Seattleites who have a busy schedule, recently moved to the city, or just don’t meet new people in their everyday lives, dating can be tricky. I guess it’s the way of the future and I need to come to terms with that.I received 98 messages in 24 hours—at least half weren’t from the Seattle area. Another app that uses location-based technology, Happn, bases matches on how many times you cross paths with someone (which is both cool and creepy).CONS: You can change your name (people end up picking AIM-like usernames). *Update 8/1/17: The League launched in Seattle and proves to be a promising dating app with less prospects per day (like Coffee Meets Bagel) and “higher quality matches”.Even after carefully reading through each profile before swiping, I still got a few disgusting messages.I experienced some bugs in the app, but it improved a lot with the update from January 30.

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I feel like I’ve wasted hours of my life swiping and my thumb hurts.

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  1. (This works on me all the time.) It could be the other person's shoes, a piece of jewelry, or even a necktie. If the person you want to meet is struggling to juggle a briefcase, overcoat, and cocktail, for example, you can win points by offering your assistance.